Who We Are

Tiltcon Constructions is a family-owned and operated business that specialises in concrete Tilt-up panel construction for commercial and industrial building, ranging from large storage warehousing and multi-level commercial buildings to small open-material panels bins. No project is too large or too small.

Company Director, Gavin Voysey, has worked in the tilt-panel industry for over 30 Years throughout Queensland, New South Wales and the Northern Territory. Over this time, Gavin has worked with some well-known and well-respected developers and investors within the industry.

In addition to Tilt-Panel construction, our company also works with clients to remodel and convert existing interior and exterior structures to better meet the client needs. Tiltcon Constructions has completed several school classroom, library and administration block refurbishments, as well as Medical Suite and Medical Office refurbishments in and around the Brisbane and Ipswich areas.

To complement such work, Tiltcon Constructions can also provide landscaping and remodelling of current green space and car parking to provide a complete, one-stop package for clients.


Tiltcon Constructions is a reliable and trusted group within the industry with enthusiastic and skilled personnel. Our team, both onsite and off, reflects the company’s commitment to quality work with a proven safety record from start to the finsh of each and every project.

Gavin insists that on-site personnel work hard and produce results to his exacting standards. Gavin is “hands-on” with all construction projects.  His extensive experience in all areas of construction, including residential, commercial and industrial, as well as earthmoving, gives him unique knowledge and skills that he brings with him to each and every project.  He personally oversees every stage of the design and construction process  in order to maximize the benefits and outcomes for each client.

Tiltcon Constructions is always looking for that next challenge and new opportunity, and is always keen to show how your Investment Design Project can be built using concrete Tilt-  panels, producing a quality, cost effective and time-efficient project.

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